Coalescing Filtration Solutions in Texas

At Sepra-Chem, we offer a variety of solutions for your filtration issues in Texas. Whether you work in Houston, Midland, Odessa, Dallas, San Antonio, Tyler, or Longview, our coalescing filters are designed to meet your operation’s needs. From liquid-liquid coalescers to natural gas coalescers, horizontal coalescers, vertical coalescers, and much more, Sepra-Chem has the quality products and industry leading filtration solutions you need to succeed.

What is a Coalescing Filter?

Coalescers are most typically used in midstream oil and gas operations in the petrochemical industry during refining processes. From protecting refining equipment from corrosion to ensuring high product purity in natural gas, coalescing filters and natural gas coalescers in Texas are a critical element of a wide range of industry operations.

When you need a coalescing filter in Texas for your operation, it can be used on its own or as a component of a larger unit. At Sepra-Chem, we’ll help you determine the right type of filter you need depending on the substances you need to separate from one another. Our superior filtration solutions are essential in Cryogenic & LNG facilities and we protect Compressors (Suction and Discharge), Molecular Sieves, Amine Contactors, Glycol Contactors & Sales Meters.

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  • Midland, TX
  • Odessa, TX
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  • Tyler, TX

How it Works

Coalescence is the process of bringing liquids together to form larger droplets which can then be drained away. A coalescing filter is designed to encourage coalescence to remove entrained contaminants like solid matter and liquid aerosols from natural gas.

For industrial applications, a coalescing filter is used to separate fluids in liquid or gas form from one another to ensure a cleaner product. At Sepra-Chem, we provide an extensive range of coalescing filters in Texas for our clients throughout the industrial world.

Sepra-Chem’s coalescing filtration systems are used throughout the state of Texas and worldwide in a number of applications, including:

  • Natural Gas Gathering & Compression
  • Natural Gas Liquid Cryogenic Plants
  • LNG Facilities
  • Ethane Crackers
  • Power Plants
  • Refineries

Our Products

Sepra-Chem offers a selection of safe and efficient coalescing filters in Texas for our customers throughout the state and beyond. Each filter system we provide is designed with your specific application in mind. Our advanced coalescing filtration process was created to ensure the longevity of your components, especially when a smaller footprint is required. By choosing Sepra-Chem as your preferred coalescing filter partner in Texas, you’ll be able to choose from:

  • Horizontal Coalescing Filters
  • Vertical Coalescers
  • Coalescing Filters with Inlet Slug Chambers
  • Horizontal Dual Closure Coalescing Filters
  • Dual Outlet Vertical Coalescing Filters
  • Liquid-Liquid Coalescer
  • Wet Filters
  • Dust Filters
  • 3N1 Coalescing Filters
  • Special Configuration Coalescing Filters

Additional Products

  • Dust Filters
  • 3N1 Filters (Coalesced liquid, Vapor and Dust)
  • Ethane Mol Sieve Filters
  • Ethylene Mol Sieve Filters
  • LNG Mol Sieve Coalescing Filters
  • Liquid Particulate Filters

If your operation requires a more specific piece of equipment, we offer a variety of configurations of coalescing filters and natural gas filters in Texas to serve your needs.

About Sepra-Chem

Sepra-Chem has operated in the Texas coalescer industry and worldwide since 1993. From replacing existing coalescers that failed to perform to providing new patented technologies with zero carryover of entrained liquids and solids, our products and services are guaranteed to meet your needs. Rather than concerning yourself with maintaining your process equipment, you can focus on what matters most – your business – and trust in your Sepra-Chem Coalescer to keep everything running as smoothly as possible.

Contact Sepra-Chem for Your Texas Coalescing Filtration Needs

Don’t rely on outdated filtration systems or poorly maintained equipment when it comes to your oil and gas operations or other industrial processes in Texas. Instead, partner with a long-time industry leader who can make sure your equipment and production maintains optimal performance round-the-clock.

Sepra-Chem is proud to provide coalescing filtration solutions for businesses in Houston, Midland, Odessa, Dallas, San Antonio, Tyler, Longview, and the greater East Texas area. To learn more about our variety of filters, testing services, and how we can keep your business flowing clean, contact the team at Sepra-Chem today.

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