Phoenix Park Gas Processors Limited (PPGPL) 
Point Lisas, Trinidad West Indies
 Case Study

PPGPL contacted Sepra-Chem Corporation in 2004 about replacing their existing coalescing equipment in their Phase 2 NGL plant. PPGPL was experiencing liquid aerosol carry over into their molecular sieve dehydrators causing dew point problems, shortened sieve bed life (8 - 12 months) and additional downstream equipment problems. During a trip to Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma, three PPGPL Engineers visited 3 different companies utilizing a total of 11 Sepra¬≠ Chem coalescers and were favorably impressed with what they learned. After discussions with engineers and operating personnel from these three companies, PPGPL decided an on-sit e test with a Sepra-Chem test coalescer was needed to confirm what they had seen and learned during their trip. The test unit was initially piped in downstream of the existing coalescer on Phase 2 in October 2005 and later piped in downstream of two existing coalescers (one horizontal & one vertical) on Phase 1 in August 2007. A slip stream of 15 MMSCFD was diverted from the mainstream flow of 535  MMSCFD (Phase 2) and 746 MMSCFD (Phase 1) and sent through the Sepra-Chem test coalescer. By measuring the fluid in the Sepra-Chem test coalescer it was calculated PPGPL was carrying-over several thousand gallons/day into their downstream molecular sieve's in Phase 1 and Phase 2. (See picture below of Sepra-Chem test coalescer at PPGPL Facility, Phase 1 in Trinidad).

After installation of two Sepra-Chem  6811 OD Dual Closure Coalescers operating in parallel and a Sepra-Chem  5211 OD Dual Closure Wet Filter, over 6,000 gallons of liquid carry over are being recovered each day from Phase 2. By removing the solids upstream with the Wet Filter, the element life in each coalescer operating downstream is greatly extended. (See the  picture  below  of  the  Sepra-Chem  5211 OD  Dual Closure Wet Filter on the left and two 68"  OD Dual Closure Coalescers  on  the  right  operating  in  parallel  on  Phase  2  at  PPGPL  Facility  in Trinidad . The two 6811 Dual  Closure Coalescers replaced an existing vertical coalescer in Phase 2.)

PPGPL estimates based on current performance of the regeneration cycle, a 4-5-year molecular sieve bed life. Black & Veatch  purchased  two   6811      Sepra-Chem   Dual  Closure  Coalescers  for   PPGPL's  Phase  3  under  construction  in  2007 designed at 660 MMSCFD. PPGPL plans to purchase additional Sepra-Chem Coalescing equipment to replace  existing Phase 1 coalescers . Please contact Sepra-Chem Corporation at 903-566-1015.

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